Dienstag, 14. September 2010

Leckerer Tag // Tasty Day

Hallo zusammen,
heute war ein besonderer Tag. Der Postbote, brachte uns ein Paket mit tollen Inhalt!!
Aber schaut selber.

Hello everybody,
today was a special Day for us. The mailman brought us a package with great content!
But watch yourself.

Hey Mama...was ist in der Box?!
Hey Mama...what is in the Box?

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, ist das Fleisch?! Ja das ist Fleisch.
WOOOOOOW, is that Meat?! Yes it is.

Riecht gut.
Smells good.

Schmeckt gut.
Tastes good.


Maggie Mae hat gesagt…

Now that is a package that I would like to get! :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

MadameMoiselle hat gesagt…

Who is that generous person that is sending you that package??

I would love to have one too.. BTW, do you eat those meat raw?


Jessy hat gesagt…

Hi Zelle,

the meat we have from here ->

And yes both eat the meat raw. ;-)
In Germany, it's called biological welfare raw feeding.

Greetings from,
Stella, Lincoln and Jessy :)